New Home Know It All wood-background-911072_1920-1024x682 Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring compared to  other flooring material

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring compared to other flooring material

New Home Know It All chairs-2181947_1920-1024x683 Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring compared to  other flooring material

                This article describes the luxury vinyl plank flooring are used in industry. Luxurious vinyl planks are one of the fastest growing segments of the market, and EVP (engineering vinyl planks) are the fastest growing sub-segment. They look amazingly original and modern; they are super durable and versatile. Consumers love the fact that they are waterproof, so they are great for water or moisture resistant rooms such as kitchens and basements, mounts on top of almost any type of surface.

What is luxury vinyl plank (or LVT) flooring?

               Luxurious vinyl planks, also known as “LVP” floors, are great if you have an active home with children or pets, or you just want to look beautiful in busy places. You may have heard of vinyl tiles, famous peel and stick furniture. Luxurious vinyl tiles are similar in design to the clothing layer, image layer, elastic core and backing, but overall it is thicker and durability and design are more realistic than vinyl tile. There is something to offer. Many styles, including the Armstrong Flooring offer, are also 100% waterproof, so when they are exposed to water, they cannot bloom, bend, or lose integrity.

How to Find High-Quality Vinyl Planks:

              Shopping on vinyl planks can be huge. There are no warning signs on substandard products and arrows indicating quality content. Fortunately, there are ways to tell the difference. Almost all vinyl planks are water and scratch resistant. Some brands include a high level of protection or additional recruitment. Make sure that you have decided on your functions before you go to the store. High quality materials have a thick layer of clothing. It is measured in millimeters versus millimeters. Millimeters are the entire thickness of the board, but the mill measures the top layer. If you want the floors to fit a crowded house, choose a product with a length of 20 miles or more. By adding vinyl boards to another house or less, you can run 12 miles or more. Another important factor is the high layer of material. The best boards will have a hard coat that protects the floor from scratches and stains. Look for fashionable words like “titanium topcoat” or “diamond hardness.”Be sure to check the packaging for protective labels. The boxes should indicate that the gender assessment is certified and complies with CARB2. If it’s not, keep looking. The last note is a guarantee. A standard floor warranty usually covers your purchase 20 years or more. Wear layers must be covered for at least 10 years. If the company offers less, ask them why?

Luxury Vinyl planks vs. Hardwood Flooring:

              Parquet flooring has been around for a long time and has been recognized as a quality material for flooring. However, luxury vinyl planks have a long way, and when you look at the factors that divide today’s luxury vinyl tiles and equipment, it becomes clear that vinyl has a lot to withstand wooden floors in areas. Luxurious wood planks are currently a tough, modern, elegant, efficient and affordable flooring solution compared to wood (and in some cases in particular).

              The Hardwood floor is really beautiful. It comes in many colors, features and styles. However, these styles are 2-3 times more expensive than luxurious vinyl wood planks, which already include additional shapes and styles that you should buy for hardwood.

              Luxury vinyl, on the other hand, is superior to all types of prices. The appearance of vinyl is a layer of a photographic image between the backing and the transparent layer of clothing. I am making steady and steady progress for digital photography and image editing / manipulation, designers of luxury vinyl tiles only need the image of the desired wood. Nature or other topic to creates realistic products from nature. Equality in the production process of luxury vinyl also leads to lower costs.

Is luxury vinyl Planks an alternative to ceramic?

               Yes! People like the fact that luxury vinyl feels warmer and softer than flooring on hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles. Named to leave a lot of pedestrians, children and pets crawling, pots and litter in normal home use, this is a super friendly surface to name a few. In addition, stone tile styles are available, including marble, slate and travertine, and they look incredibly original, but will not cause you such hassle as overcoming the roughness of natural stone and breaking the lines of ground the ability to conduct.

Top reasons to choose luxury vinyl Planks for your floor:

               If you are repairing your home, it is important to pay attention to the floor level. But which option is better? Well, if you are looking for the most economical solution, beautiful and fashionable, then vinyl panels is the answer. If you want the elegance, style, and luxury of hardwood floor rackets, below are some of the key reasons for choosing vinyl boards for traditional hardwood floors in 2017.


                It is hard to believe that such a thing could be so affordable for interior designers. But vinyl planks make it look and feel like parquet floors as they get cheaper.

Minimizing your Environmental Footprint:

               Minimizing your environmental impact should be a priority, especially considering the green building principle. This is possible thanks to vinyl flooring, as there is no need to trim old trees such as oak or wood, maple or rosewood to get amazing textures and colors. Now you can look like a handmade wooden floor in shades of gray to light blue or dark wooden floor without additional pressure on natural resources.

Easy to Clean:

                Do you have an apartment Are you a young professional who works hard and does not have time to kneel down to clean the floor? Even if you have time or help keep floors clean, will your resources not be spent on something else at home? There is nothing easier to keep clean and look amazing like vinyl boards. Regularly and periodically clean the floor, moisten with a recommended manufacturer. The floor is protected from dirt and dust, has an exceptionally strong and durable coating.

High Level of Scratch Resistance:

                  As soon as there are signs of wear on the floor, such as scratches and stains, you will need to change the surface to make your home look beautiful. Many other types need to be replaced every few years, and when it comes to hardwood floors, scratches and stains become part of life. Replacing lumber is a difficult and expensive task. With vinyl boards it is easy to replace damaged plates. However, with its high level of scratch and stain resistance, you will have an amazingly luxurious destination for years to come. Low maintenance means low cost to the owner.

Takes Less Time to Install:

              Traditional wood floors may take several days to install only installation-related labor can be expensive. With vinyl boards, installation can be done quickly and the surface can be used immediately. You save time and labor, make luxury vinyl panels very economical. Vinyl boards are really affordable, require minimal maintenance and are one of the most interesting interior design options for 2017. If you are looking for a fashionable luxury destination that is durable, visually appealing and versatile, you will appreciate the wide range of vinyl boards we offer.

It’s Stylish:

               As we said above, LVT Flooring knows how to cope with a lot of traffic, which makes it an ideal floor. Material for placement in any room of your house we know what you think, “I don’t want tiles in every room!” Fortunately for you, this is a misunderstanding. Despite the fact that the word tile is called by name, many people find luxurious vinyl floor coverings in shapes and sizes, which allow you to choose the right product for your floor. LVT looks and feels like solid wood floors and stones, but is not a hassle. It is also very light compared to other materials and can be used on any surface of your home.

It’s Sustainable:

                Although Luxurious Vinyl Tile (LVT) is not made from 100 natural materials, it will be manufactured for 25 years or more. You want to have LVT flooring at home, and also know that it is truly recycled. Do well to the environment and choose luxurious tiled floors!

Moisture Resistant:

                It’s good that you don’t worry about accidental flashes on the floor of your house, especially with young children or pets. With luxurious vinyl floors, you can enjoy peace every day. Life happens. If you live in a tropical state or in an area with particularly heavy rainfall, an LVT floor is ideal.

Easily Replaced:

                 Speaking of easy installation, the process used to install luxury vinyl tiles are designed to be easily replaced also allows. If any part of your LVT floor is damaged in any way, all you (or your floor professional) need to do is damage the damaged board and replace it with a new one. This may require you to tear some parts around, but it really should tear the whole floor.