When Is Your First Home Mortgage Payment Due?
You have some control over how soon it comes due.

The Skinny: Your first home loan payment is generally due at the beginning of the very first complete month after closing and monthly thereafter If you close at the start of the month, you’ll have a long hiatus before your first payment comes due. However, you’ll need to make a fairly significant interest payment for that month’s interest at closing– you’re not actually skipping any payments.

Your home mortgage payment is typically due at the start of the month. Your really first home mortgage payment, nevertheless, isn’t due on the first day of the month after you close. Rather, it’s due the very first day after the first full month after you close. That suggests if you close on March 15, your very first mortgage payment isn’t due April 1– it’s due May 1. If you close at the start of the month instead of mid-month, you’ll have an even longer hiatus before your very first payment is due.

If this seems odd to you, it’s important to understand 2 crucial factors about mortgages: the interest is paid in arrears, and the principal is paid ahead of time.

Let’s take a closer take a look at what those things mean…..

Home Mortgage Interest Is Paid in Arrears

Mortgage interest is paid in arrears, which suggests after it’s accumulated, not previously. Interest on your home mortgage begins accruing at closing and does not stop till the loan is satisfied completely. You’ll prepay interest for the month in which you close at closing.

Therefore if you close in March, the interest accrued for the portion of March throughout which you own the house will be prepaid at closing. If you close March 15, you’ll be charged prorated everyday interest from March 15 through March 31. If you close March 1, you’ll prepay interest for the whole month. If you close March 30, you’ll prepay interest for March 30 to March 31.

Interest continues to accrue in April, the very first full month
after the month in which you closed. For that reason if you close March 15, and you have actually prepaid interest for March, the interest that accrues in April gets paid in your very first complete home loan payment, due May 1. The closing representative will gather
interest from you for up to 1 month before the first full month when you buy a home and acquire a mortgage. This interest will be listed on your closing declaration, and it’s charged as a closing cost.

Principal Is Paid beforehand.

A mortgage payment includes two parts: interest and principal. The primary part of your mortgage payment is paid ahead of time, for the following month. Each principal payment lowers the balance you owe. You’ll pay interest on a lower balance in the taking place month. For that reason, the very first home loan payment that you pay on May 1st in this example not just contains the interest owed for April however the principal owed for May.

BTW: An amortization schedule can show the balance of the principal and interest over the life of the loan.

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So Let’s Do the Math. ( This is for example only, contact a licensed Loan Officer)

Let’s say you borrow $200,000 at 5% interest. Your month-to-month payment would be $1,073.64, payable in equivalent month-to-month installations for thirty years. You can compute your day-to-day interest for the period of time prior to 1 month before the first payment is figured by taking $200,000 times the rates of interest of 5%, which is $10,000. Now divide that number by 12 months and get $833; divide the result once again by thirty days to get $27.78. So, your daily rate of interest works out to $27.78. You’ll owe 16 days of interest for March, or $444.48, which you would pay at closing if you close on March 15. You’ll make a mortgage payment of $1,073.64 on May 1. That payment will pay the interest for April: $1,073.64 less$ 833.33 (a full month’s interest for April )equals $240.31, which is representative of the reduction in principal. Your unsettled principal mortgage balance since May 1 is $199,759.69, deducting$ 240.31 from $200,000. ( This is for example only, contact a licensed Loan Officer)

Hot Tip!

You can prevent paying all that prorated interest out of pocket at closing if you close as near to the end of the month as possible. You’ll have a long hiatus prior to that payment comes due if you close at the start of the month, however you ‘d need to make a relatively considerable interest payment for that month’s interest at closing. You’ll probably welcome some breathing room in between closing and the due date of your first home mortgage payment, offered the large sum of money you’ll pay at the closing. However you’re not really skipping any payments. While it may appear like you’re getting a month without a housing payment, you truly aren’t.

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